Renault TRIO by Aditya Arun Surti, India

2019: Inspiring Mobility


Aditya Arun Surti
Pune, Maharashtra, India
IAAD – Instituto D’Arte Applicata E Design


Mobility for Mumbai, Auto-Rickshaws play an important role in public transport in Mumbai to travel in small areas. Since rickshaw is the oldest means of transportation in Mumbai. Before Rickshaws were man powered hand pulled rickshaws and now its engine is powered so it’s called as Auto-Rickshaw.

By 2035 Renault TRIO will fulfill all the EMOTIONAL attachments from the current auto-rickshaw rides. As we see in the project I came up with some different architecture of the vehicle to maintain its compactness and less footprint occupancy.

As people of Mumbai moved on to Auto-Rickshaw from a Hand pulled Rickshaw so quickly the same EMOTIONAL attachment will inspire people and would love to travel with the same EMOTIONAL feeling in the Trio and will maintain the TRUST constant and confident to have a SECURED ride.

It offers the glass cabin which we can call it a pod, because its transparent gives the feeling of FREEDOM and spaciousness. While traveling in this vehicle people can enjoy the great view of the Mumbai streets of some old architecture and scenic view of the marine drive of Mumbai which will make their ride JOYFUL at the same time passengers will be safe and SECURED with the help of the form following frame structure.

Trio offers a personal space with the personal Presets setting in which they can set and save their seat adjustments and entertainment theme, so whenever they enter the vehicle it will switch to their saved presets. Understanding Mumbai Monsoon situations, it has a good ground clearance and features which would make it easy to travel from the water on the streets. It will offer a safe and SECURED ride even in such bad monsoon weather conditions.


Aditya Surti is a student of Master in Transportation Design course at IAAD Istituto d’arte Applicata e Design, Torino, Italy. A journey of me becoming a transportation designer begins from my childhood as I’m passionate about cars and with some great creativity I chose to pursue this path as a career.

I did bachelor from ISD,Rubika, India where I developed my skills to express my vision on the paper and I got chance to have masterclasses with some professional designers from Citroen,Tata and Grand yarra in which I have learnt a lot of new interesting things and I was being awarded for my work.

After completing successful 3 years in ISD Rubika, India I chose to take my studies to the advance level by joining Master in Transportation Design course at IAAD, Turin, Italy. Throughout these five years in a designing field, I have experienced many projects individual as well as in a Team, being with students from different cultures as well as with a different mindset.

I have learnt a lot about design and as a quick learner, I work – hard and smart – to ensure constant improvement of my work. Every project sets a new milestone for me and motivates me to achieve goals. I believe my approach towards the transportation design is by understanding the user’s scenario by observing the problems and solving them with a different approach of architecture and surface form.