SIEMENS Air Rescue Vehicle by Mohammed Fahd, India

2019: Inspiring Mobility


Mohammed Fahd
Calicut, India
Mantra Academy


By the year 2035, NEW YORK city will see an increase in skyscrapers and vehicle congestion. Accessing a skyscraper by the emergency services becomes more difficult due to the rise in height of the skyscrapers and the increase in vehicle congestion. This is why there is a need for an air rescue vehicle which can access skyscrapers during an emergency situation with a fast response time.

By the year 2035, the government mandates all the skyscrapers must have an emergency door on each floor which is to be accessed by the air rescue vehicle. The vehicle docks to this emergency door by the means of a docking mechanism. After docking, the emergency personnel can bring in the patient in case of a medical emergency. In case of a fire incident, this vehicle can evacuate people directly from this emergency door.

The city is divided into sectors and each sector stations an air rescue vehicle. The vehicle makes use of helipads on top of skyscrapers to park. In case of an emergency, the vehicle of that sector is notified. The emergency personnel sets the destination and the vehicle autonomously proceeds to the destination where it docks to the emergency door. The vehicle can treat four patients at a time. The vehicle has four entry points so that if one patient platform is occupied, the other platforms can be accessed easily for the next medical emergency. The patient platform rises up from the floor only when activated so the staff can walk around easily when it is not activated.

This project focuses on two key emotions, Trust and Security because the people need to trust and feel secure about the emergency services in case of an emergency situation.


Mohammed Fahd completed his Bachelors’ Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was always fascinated about vehicle whether it’s a car or an aircraft. After his receiving his bachelors’ degree, he completed a diploma course on Automotive Design and Research at Mantra Academy, Bangalore. His next plan is to do a masters in transportation design.