Volkswagen CIT.E by Sebastian Weigand, Germany

2019: Inspiring Mobility


Sebastian Weigand
Gemünden am Main, Germany
Pforzheim University>


Volkswagen CIT.E – A joy vehicle for New York

Volkswagen CIT.E is a vehicle that can be used in two driving modes that both guarantee the maximum joy for different situations.

The compact driving mode offers a smart solution to the immense urban parking problem in New York. By reducing the vehicle’s length to 2,95 meters, CIT.E gets the ideal companion for every city ride. A high seat position and the huge transparent windshield guarantee a joyful outlook and entertainment by the environment.

Once the driver decides to choose the vehicles sport mode, the wheelbase extends to 3,76 meters and the CIT.E can be used for higher speed. A low vehicle center of gravity enables good aerodynamics as well as great performance in curves. The user can enjoy a fun Sunday ride on New York’s rural back roads as well as he can travel long distance with high speed.

CIT.E combines the mobility need of a performing target group and makes it no more necessary to own an extra vehicle for sporty drives. Being able to shape situational, this automobile is smart and can offer the maximum fun – every time.


Sebastian Weigand is a passionate design student who has currently finished the sixth term in Transportation Design at Pforzheim University. Due to several university cooperation projects with car manufacturers and by working in international design teams in Japan and China, he has gained experience in diverse markets and of different customer groups.

Since a growing urbanization changes the way how people live together on limited space, there are new challenges to products and designers. His experience in different cultural contexts and global metropoles benefits his design thinking and enables him to create relevant products.