WAYMO-FLOW by Siavash Jafari Jozani, United States

2019: Inspiring Mobility


Siavash Jafari Jozani
Novato, California, USA


Waymo Flow is a Liquid Capacity Transportation manifesto. Its main purpose is to bring Joy by offering ultimate Freedom while commuting. This is achieved by defining Flow as a bridge between sharing a car and buying it. A way of owning your personalized space on the go.

New York City and its iconic yellow taxies have always been momentous of Life in Motion. And in the near future this Moving will be presented in the form of two imperfect options:

  1. Ride Sharing with Autonomous Cars: Less Privacy / No personal space /No personal stuff
  2. Owning Autonomous Cars: Too expensive / Need for Multiple cars in a family / Less tendency to buy a self-driving car

In contrast, Waymo Flow will offer the advantages of a personal car + the advantages of a shared ride!

Flow is a combination of Platforms + Capsules + Delivery Robots. It can carry 4 random people or one whole family.

While commuting inside the capsules you have the option to open the dividers and enjoy your time as a family in one unified space or close the dividers to have your privacy while traveling with other people.

The joy of a personalized capsule! Your free time on an autonomous vehicle is not just about being entertained by large screens and media, it’s about having your personal space with your personal stuff. It’s about being productive and fun. Each individual can order their personalized interior based on their taste and need. You will decorate the capsule with your personal stuff, your small library or a work desk with a 3D printer.

  1. Starting life | age 4 to 12: Playground with toys and digital interactions to entertain kids on their way to school.
  2. Enjoying youth | age 12 to 22: One enjoyable lounge seat with a big screen to play console games, watch movies or surf the net while the car takes you to gym or party.
  3. Creating future | age 20 to 40: An ultimate workspace with your desk, music, and tools to be creative.
  4. Enjoying peace | age 40 to 100: Have your own books, plants and relaxing massage seat and take care of what you own.

Flow has no Range Limit! Each Capsule brings its own fully charged batteries on board. This way there is no need for the platforms to stop for charging.

No need to worry about parking spaces in your destination or even when you don’t have parking at home. The platform can take away your Capsule and put it in a less crowded area.

Capsules and Delivery Robots are designed in a minimal cubic form. This ensures maximum flexibility in arranging them as a moving puzzle.


Siavash is a Transportation Designer based in the United States who has a great passion for creating the future of mobility.

As a child, he curiously observed cars and made scale models of them out of cardboard. He later transformed his childhood dream of making cars into a creative profession by studying design in university.

Having his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and experiencing the professional environment since 2012, he has practiced design by all means and achieved outstanding accomplishments in the field of Transportation Design including the Overall-Winner title of the CDN Interior Motives Awards 2012 and Most Innovative Design title of the Launch Forth Mobility Design Challenge 2018.

To further explore his designs, you may visit www.siavash-design.com