2003: Designs for the French Market

The first Michelin Challenge Design competition themes focused on exploring and celebrating the unique style that each region brings to the automotive design industry. While  the first Michelin Challenge Design display was at the 2002 North American International Auto Show, the first juried works were displayed at the 2003 show. And what more appropriate region for Michelin to begin this journey with than exploring the influence of French design?

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Full Size Vehicles on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

9. 33 and 1/3 Lan Tian
Entry: 33 and 1/3
Design Team: Lan Tian
Country: China

10. Apogee Concept Vehicle Andrew Brown
Entry: Apogee Concept Vehicle
Design Team: Mr. Andrew Brown
Country: Australia

11. Citroen Gouttelette Uros Pavasovic
Entry: Citroen Gouttelette
Design Team: Uros Pavasovic
Milling – Miha Brencic
3 Axle Milling of Body – ORO d.o.o. Company
3 Axle Milling of Details – Lupus M d.o.o. Company
Painting – Milos Urbas
Photography – Marko Vavpotic
Country: Slovenia

12. Citroen Routier Vincent Alomia
Entry: Citroen Routier
Design Team: Vincent Alomia
Country: England


2D Renderings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. VOISIN Concept Virage Jean-Christophe Vaude
Entry: VOISIN Concept Virage
Design Team: Jean-Christophe Vaude
Country: France

2. LUTHOR Ricardo Dillon
Design Team: Ricardo Dillon
Country: Argentina

3. Yu Daguo’s DeFran Yu Daguo
Entry: Yu Daguo’s DeFran
Design Team: Yu Daguo
Country: China

4. “Gran Viaggio” Sedan Francesco Castellana Misso
Entry: Gran Viaggio Sedan
Design Team: ARPIA Design Studio
Francesco Castellana Misso
Fabian Rodrigo Velandia Herrera
Country: Columbia

5. “GT Reims” 3 Wheel Motorbike Francesco Castellana Misso
Entry: GT Reims 3 Wheel Motorbike
Design Team: ARPIA Design Studio
Francesco Castellana Misso
Fabian Rodrigo Velandia Herrera
Country: Columbia

6. Peugot ULZER Steven van der Veen
Entry: Peugeot ULZER
Design Team: Steven van der Veen
Country: The Netherlands

7. Cheetah WonE1 Aman Midha
Entry: Cheetah WonE1
Design Team: Aman Midha
Country: India

8. Allages Cornelis Steenstra
Entry: Allages
Design Team: Foresee Car Design, Inc.
Cornelis Steenstra,
Robert Lemmens,
Michael Thomson
Country: United States

9. New 2CV Farhad Vedad
Entry: New 2CV
Design Team: Farhad Vedad,
Juanjo Espinosa,
Vincent Barbereau,
Conny Eve Bengtsson
Country: Sweden

10. FastBuggie Omar Pirela
Entry: FastBuggie
Design Team: Omar Pirela
Country: Venezuela

11. PARI Matra
Entry: PARI
Design Team: Vincent Olivier and Matra Automobile
Country: France