2004: Designs for the Chinese Market

Recognizing that the Chinese automotive market was becoming increasingly significant, the 2004 Michelin Challenge Design theme encouraged designers to create vehicle proposals designed for the specific needs of the Chinese market.

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Scale Models on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. 2Nfs - No Need for Speed Magnus Goransson
Entry: 2Nfs – No Need for Speed
Design Team: Magma Design / Magnus Goransson
Country: Sweden

2. Jiao Jonathan Eziquiel-Shriro
Entry: Jiao
Design Team: Fograt Design / Jonathan Eziquiel-Shriro
Country: USA

3. City Pearl Wu Wenting
Entry: City Pearl
Design Team: Wu Wenting
Country: China

4. Aspire Li Yi
Entry: Aspire
Design Team: Li Yi
Country: China

5. OO Li WeiNa
Entry: OO
Design Team: Li WeiNa
Country: China

6. Fresh Cube Yu Yuanji & Xie Guahua
Entry: Fresh Cube
Design Team: Yu Yuanji & Xie Guahua
Country: China

7. Smiling Chen Rui
Entry: Smiling
Design Team: Chen Rui
Country: China

8. Chinese Auto Frame Gustavo H.G. Guerra
Entry: Chinese Auto Frame
Design Team: Gustavo H.G. Guerra
Country: Brazil

9. Xin Lang Uros Pavasovic
Entry: Xin Lang
Design Team: Uros Pavasovic – Car Design
Karlo Medjugorac – Graphic Design
Andreja Mikuz – Research
Roman Krizanic – Sinology
Matjaz Krivic – Photography
Country: Slovenia

10. Mini Vehicle for Dumpers Chen Yueqin
Entry: Mini Vehicle for Dumpers
Design Team: Chen Yueqin
Country: China

11. Circuit Cao Dimin
Entry: Circuit
Design Team: Cao Dimin and Zhang Lele
Country: China


2D Renderings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Tiny Brook Banham
Entry: Tiny
Design Team: Brook Banham
Country: Germany

2. Butterfly Michel Amphyon
Entry: Butterfly
Design Team: Michel Amphyon
Country: France

3. City Ferry Xiaoye Wang & Xiaofeng Song
Entry: City Ferry
Design Team: XY Wang & XF Song
Country: China

4. China Fan Xiaoye Wang & Xiaofeng Song
Entry: China Fan
Design Team: XY Wang & XF Song
Country: China

5. CHABON Ricardo Dillon
Design Team: Ricardo Dillon
Country: Argentina

6. x-pro 03 Luu Chan Ninh
Entry: x-pro 03
Design Team: Luu Chan Ninh
Country: Sweden

7. Honda ASP Steven van der Veen
Entry: Honda ASP
Design Team: Steven van der Veen
Country: Netherlands

8. Zhonghua Car Jinbei
Entry: Zhonghua Car
Design Team: Xing Rufei and Yang Dacheng
Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automotive Co. Ltd. R&D
Country: China

9. C.Motion Richard Kleijn
Entry: C.Motion
Design Team: Richard Kleijn – Automotive Design TU Delft
Country: Netherlands

10. Cicada Yu Xingan
Entry: Cicada
Design Team: Yu Xingan
Country: China

11. Orange Ji Ling
Entry: Orange
Design Team: Ji Ling
Country: China

12. Chinaway Chen Yao
Entry: Chinaway
Design Team: Chen Yao, Xu Lu and Sun Bin
Country: China

13. Utility Concept Vehicle (UCV) Michael Heasman
Entry: Utility Concept Vehicle (UCV)
Design Team: Michael Heasman
Country: United Kingdom

14. China Shuttle Lele Cheung
Entry: China Shuttle
Design Team: Lele Cheung
Country: China

15. Muria Juan Jose Guijarro
Entry: Muria
Design Team: Juan Jose Guijarro. A. & the Fattoes Studio
Country: Mexico

16. EnergiE Amphyon Guillaume
Entry: EnergiE
Design Team: Amphyon Guillaume
Country: France

17. Concept City Car Chenwei Gao
Entry: Concept City Car
Design Team: Chenwei Gao
Country: China

18. Chrysler “C-Cadre” Concept Andrew Brown
Entry: Chrysler C-Cadre Concept
Design Team: Andrew Brown
Country: Australia

19. Flexible Cube Lu Jie
Entry: Flexible Cube
Design Team: Lu Jie/Year 99 Industry Design Dept., Tongji Univ.
Country: China

20. Sunrise Jeff Weller
Entry: Sunrise
Design Team: Jeff Weller
Country: United States

21. Beijing Sedan Francesco Castellana
Entry: Beijing Sedan
Design Team: Francesco Castellana
Country: Colombia

22. YAGI Zhu Qin 
Entry: YAGI
Design Team: Zhu Qin
Country: China

23. Guang Xian Miguel Sanchez
Entry: Guang Xian
Design Team: Miguel Angel Iranzo Sanchez
Country: Spain

24. Duo Chen Jiang
Entry: Duo
Design Team: Chen Jiang
Country: China

25. Auspice Cloud Zhang Ziran
Entry: Auspice Cloud
Design Team: Zhang Ziran
Country: China

26. Qilin PATAC
Entry: Qilin
Design Team: PATAC
Country: China

27. Jiang Liu Xue Song Feng
Entry: Jiang Liu
Design Team: Xue Song Feng
Country: Canada