2006: California Design + Alternative Powertrain + Tire Electronics

Reflective of the market and issues on the minds of automotive designers, the 2006 theme asked designers to create a vehicle design concept for the California market that incorporated an alternative powertrain, and considered the effect of that powertrain on tire size and appearance as well as vehicle shape.

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Scale Models on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Mobilicity PPT Capoco Design Limited & InnovationRCA
Entry: Mobilicity PPT
Design Team: Capoco Design Limited & Innovation RCA,
Merih Kunar (lead designer) ,
Rob Morton (designer),
Owen Evans (designer),
Ron Saunders (consultant),
Alan Ponsford (project director)
Country: United Kingdom

2. H2 Bus Project Gustavo Henrique Gomes Guerra
Entry: H2 Bus Project
Design Team: Gustavo Guerra & Fabricio Baessa
Country: Brazil

3. NEMO Zeng Zhicong
Entry: NEMO
Design Team: Zeng Zhicong
Country: China

4. Three Passenger Thrill Ride (3PTR) John Lazorack III
Entry: Three Passenger Thrill Ride (3PTR)
Design Team: John Lazorack III
Country: USA

5. Grand Torro Viktor Sass
Entry: Grand Torro
Design Team: Viktor Sass
Country: Hungary

6. BAAL Tilmann Schlootz & Oliver Keller
Entry: BAAL
Design Team: Tilmann Schlootz & Oliver Keller
Country: Germany

7. Hyanide Tilmann Schlootz & Oliver Keller
Entry: Hyanide
Design Team: Tilmann Schlootz & Oliver Keller
Country: Germany

8. Silver Shark Sun Qi
Entry: Silver Shark
Design Team: Sun Qi
Country: China

9. Fluid Darius Zieba
Entry: Fluid
Design Team: Darius Zieba, Hardy Huck – Supervisor
Country: Germany

10. Bowser Jacco Lammers
Entry: Bowser
Design Team: Jacco Lammers
Country: Netherlands

11. Concept Tamas Hartai
Entry: Concept Cresty
Design Team: Tamas Hartai
Country: Hungary

12. Fly Haocong Wu
Entry: Fly
Design Team: Haocong Wu
Country: China


2D Renderings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. May Roadster 2006 Oliver May
Entry: May Roadster 2006
Design Team: Oliver May
Country: Germany

2. Huzzar El Toro Ryszard Szymanski
Entry: Huzzar El Toro
Design Team: Ryszard Szymanski
Country: Poland

3. Nugget Christian Ebert
Entry: Nugget
Design Team: Christian Ebert, Hardy Huck – Supervisor
Country: Germany

4. Landscape Antoine Gaillot-Drevon & Adrien Devauchelle
Entry: Landscape
Design Team: Antoine Gaillot-Drevon &
Adrien Devauchelle
Country: France

5. Kinas Jeremy Chafer & Jeremie Pointier & Franck Malin
Entry: Kinas
Design Team: Jeremy Chafer, Jeremie Pointier,
Franck Malin
Country: France

6. Quasar Terragen Tomas Sarnovsky
Entry: Quasar Terragen
Design Team: Tomas Sarnovsky
Country: Czech Republic

7. The Farming Pick-Up Truck Alexei Gontsov
Entry: The Farming Pick-Up Truck
Design Team: Alexei Gontsov
Country: Republic of Moldova

8. SE7EN Bjorn D. H. Simundson
Entry: SE7EN
Design Team: Bjorn D. H. Simundson
Country: USA

9. Éclair Alexander Kotlyarevsky
Entry: Éclair
Design Team: Alexander Kotlyarevsky
Country: Ukraine

10. Moving Lan Tian
Entry: Moving
Design Team: Lan Tian
Country: China

11. 8WD Joseph Liang
Entry: 8WD
Design Team: Datum, Joseph Liang
Country: Taiwan

12. Hybster Eco-Vehicle Goran Marinkovic
Entry: Hybster Eco-Vehicle
Design Team: Goran Marinkovic
Country: Serbia & Montenegro

13. Cougar Concept Neeraj Pathak
Entry: Cougar Concept
Design Team: Neeraj Pathak
Country: India

14. E-Ride Takuro Hiraiwa
Entry: E-Ride
Design Team: Takuro Hiraiwa
Country: Japan

15. Alligator Jose Luis Sanz Octavio
Entry: Alligator
Design Team: Jose Luis Sanz
Country: Spain

16. Tyre Cell Jiang Tao
Entry: Tyre Cell
Design Team: Jiang Tao
Country: China

17. Brutale Thierry Dumaine
Entry: Brutale
Design Team: THDU Design
Country: France

18. V-Type-7 Victor Lam
Entry: V-Type-7
Design Team: Victor Lam
Country: Australia

19. Michelin E.A.P. Tire System James Owen
Entry: Michelin E.A.P. Tire System
Design Team: James Owen
Country: USA

20. Grip: Unlimited Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho
Entry: Grip: Unlimited
Design Team: Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho
Country: Brazil

21. Regeneratair Iliya Cerjak
Entry: Regeneratair
Design Team: Iliya Cerjak
Country: Netherlands

22. The New Cuda and Challenger Twins S.G. Heitkamp
Entry: The New Cuda and Challenger Twins
Design Team: Sebastiann Heitkamp
Country: Netherlands