2007: Sharing the Road

The 2007 Michelin Challenge Design theme encouraged looking for design impact on safety solutions. Designers were challenged to create vehicles that were independently safe and could share the road with all types of passenger vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians. This challenge pushed for solutions targeted at the North American market.

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3. Fiat Scratch Uros Pavasovic
Entry: Fiat Scratch
Design Team: Uros PavasovicAutodesk, Avto Triglav, EP Studio, Iskra Avtolektrika, Kovinoplastika Loz, RAMPF, Sinter
Country: Slovenia


Scale Models on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Safefoor Peter Ortlieb
Entry: Safefoor
Design Team: Peter Ortlieb
Country: Germany

2. School Minibus Johnathan Côté
Entry: School Minibus
Design Team: Johnathan Côté
Country: Canada

3. Porcellio Rubem de Floriani Pozza Ferreira
Entry: Porcellio
Design Team: Rubem de Floriani Pozza Ferreira
Country: Brazil

4.  H_ster Concept Zsolt Tarnok
Entry: H_ster Concept
Design Team: Zsolt Tarnok
Country: Hungary

5. Puzzle Crossover Yi Li
Entry: Puzzle Crossover
Design Team: Yi Li (designer)Xia Li (marketing analyst)Changping Deng (clay modeler)
Country: China, Canada

6. xV Concept Marin Myftiu
Entry: xV Concept
Design Team: Marin Myftiu
Country: Albania

7. Concept WL Hyun Joon Park
Entry: Concept WL
Design Team: Hyun Joon Park
Country: South Korea


2D Renderings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Turtle Stefano Marchetto
Entry: Turtle
Design Team: Stefano Marchetto
Country: Italy

2. Cord810, Luxury and Safety is Simple Vincent Gardner
Entry: CORD 810, Luxury and Safety is Simple
Design Team: Vincent Gardner
Country: United States

3. Caparazon Marcos Ignacio Madia
Entry: Caparazon
Design Team: Marcos Ignacio Madia
Country: Argentina

4. Integral Designed Safety School Van Mariel Miranda & Nicolas Ceruti
Entry: Integral Designed Safety School Van
Design Team: Mariel MirandaNicolas Ceruti
Country: Mexico

5. Convair Alexander Chatham
Entry: Convair CX
Design Team: Alexander Chatham
Country: United States

6. Gecko Safety Coupe Evan Roche
Entry: Gecko Safety Coupe
Design Team: Evan Roche
Country: Canada

7. Ray Heinrich Eisele
Entry: Ray
Design Team: Heinrich Eisele
Country: Germany

8. MSV (Next Generation Safety Crossover) Chia-Yi Cho
Entry: MSV (Next Generation Safety Crossover)
Design Team: Chia-Yi Cho
Country: Canada

9. Persona Tae Ho Yoon
Entry: Persona
Design Team: Tae Ho Yoon
Country: United States

10. Sage Robert Marvin
Entry: Sage
Design Team: Robert Marvin, Torque Consulting
Country: United States

11. Light Emitting Panels & Leg Protector Leonardo Lopez-Mobilia
Entry: Light Emitting Panels & Leg Protector
Design Team: Leonardo Lopez-Mobilia
Country: Leonardo Lopez-Mobilia

12. Concept Cicada Li Wen
Entry: Concept Cicada
Design Team: Li Wen
Country: China

13. Ridesafe Concept Christian Burgos
Entry: Ridesafe Concept
Design Team: Christian Burgos
Country: New Zealand

14. A Design 4 Life Alex McDiarmid
Entry: A Design 4 Life
Design Team: Alex McDiarmid
Country: United Kingdom

15. Mybus - Drive Safe Nuno Teixeira
Entry: Mybus – Drive Safe
Design Team: Nuno Teixeira
Country: Portugal

16. NASA Servo Anthony Sims, Alexander Marzo, Roberto Jerez
Entry: NASA Servo
Design Team: Team Art CenterAnthony Sims (Exterior design)Alexander Marzo (Interior design)Roberto Jerez (Design engineer)
Country: United States

17. Securabbit Tomasz Biel
Entry: Securabbit
Design Team: Tomasz Biel
Country: Poland

18. Himself Antoine Gaillot-Drevon
Entry: Himself
Design Team: Antoine Gaillot-Drevon
Country: France

19. Fünf concept Erick Alejandro Martinez Gomez
Entry: Fünf concept
Design Team: Erick Martinez
Country: Mexico

20. UNO Juan Alberto Cruz Gomez, Edgar Sandria, Hector Regalado, Karla Farfan, Francesca Yada
Entry: UNO
Design Team: Juan Alberto Cruz GómezEdgar Lozano SandriaHector Eduardo Muñoz RegaladoKarla Dennis Soriano FarfánFrancesca Sasso Yada
Country: Mexico

21. Strappy Thierry Dumaine
Entry: Strappy
Design Team: Thierry Dumaine
Country: France

22.  DEFENDER Lov Meena & Mousumi Biswas
Design Team: Lov Meena & Mousumi Biswas
Country: India