2008: Smaller. Safer. Better.

For 2008, Michelin Challenge Design asked participants to explore vehicles and design concepts that contribute to making smaller vehicles safer, particularly in urban environments. Billed as “Smaller. Safer. Better” the theme recognized that rising energy costs, urban congestion and environmental concerns contribute to increased interest in smaller vehicles, but that consumers are also hesitant to go small due to safety concerns.

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Scale Models on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Drop Rubem de Floriani Pozza Ferreira
Entry: Drop
Design Team: Rubem De Floriani
Country: Brazil

2. 2+ Niels G. Iversen & Marcus H. Madsen
Entry: 2+
Design Team: Marcus Hannibal Madsen & Niels Grubak Iversen
Country: Denmark

3. MSZR Shouzheng Ming
Entry: MSZR
Design Team: Shouzheng Ming
Country: China

4. Chess Thijs van der Zanden & Frans Hegge
Entry: Chess
Design Team: Thijs van der Zanden & Frans Hegge
Country: Belgium

5. Frog Prince Xinyun He
Entry: Frog Prince
Design Team: Xinyun He (designer)
Haocong Wu
Hua Gong
Gewa Gongben (clay modeler)
Country: China

6. Webr Robert Marvin
Entry: Webr
Design Team: Robert Marvin
Country: USA

7. Audi Snook Tilmann Schlootz
Entry: Audi Snook
Design Team: Tilmann Schlootz
Country: Germany


2D Renderings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Mars Peter Drazdiak-Hansen
Entry: Mars
Design Team: Peter Drazdiak-Hansen
Country: USA

2. Smooth2 Stefano Marchetto
Entry: Smooth²
Design Team: Stefano Marchetto
Country: Italy

3. C-naptiK Kobi Goorwich
Entry: C-naptiK
Design Team: Kobi Goorwich, Sleeparalysis Design
Country: Israel

4. Vespa Barchetta Gabriel Wartofsky
Entry: Vespa Barchetta
Design Team: Gabriel Wartofsky
Country: USA

5. transforMiss Thierry Dumaine
Entry: transforMiss
Design Team: Thierry Dumaine
Country: France

6. Aspis Arturo Michel Lopez
Entry: Aspis
Design Team: Arturo Michel Lopez
Country: Mexico

7. Sanho Jiho Youn
Entry: Sanho
Design Team: Jiho Youn
Country: USA

8. Neutron Terry C. W. Wong
Entry: Neutron
Design Team: Terry C. W. Wong
Country: Canada

9. G.R.U. Jason Insperger
Entry: G.R.U.
Design Team: Jano Insperger
Country: Hungary

10. Embryo Goran Marinkovic
Entry: Embryo
Design Team: Goran Marinkovic
Country: Serbia

11. Airwaves Lei Liu
Entry: Airwaves
Design Team: Lei Liu
Country: China

12. FbD-Concept Kazunori Inomata
Entry: FbD-Concept
Design Team: Kazunori Inomata
Country: Japan/UK

13. Space Efficient Vehicle Ralph Panhuyzen
Entry: Space Efficient Vehicle
Design Team: Ralph Panhuyzen (project lead and inventor)
Steven van der Veen (visualization)
Country: Netherlands

14. The Pupple Daniel L. Lu
Entry: The Pupple
Design Team: Daniel L. Lu
Country: Canada

15. CERVA MC08 Michal Cerva
Entry: CERVA MC08
Design Team: Head of Design Team: Michal Cerva
Design Team: Jiri Bicik, Jana Kunstova,
Marketa Schindlerova, Jan Zof
Country: Czech Republic

16. D Shape tilting tires system vehicle HyukJun Seo
Entry: D Shape tilting tires system vehicle
Design Team: HyukJun Seo
Country: South Korea

17. Tricoon Qhase Lokhandwala
Entry: Tricoon
Design Team: Qhase Lokhandwala
Country: India

18. Solid Nikita Gutsalenko
Entry: Solid
Design Team: Nikita Gutsalenko
Country: Russia