2009: Brave + Bold

For 2009, Michelin Challenge Design asked entrants to explore what the next iconic American shape might be, with “Brave + Bold: America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.” The jury evaluated these for uniqueness in emotional appeal, design courage and technical execution.

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Scale Models on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Nebula Colin Pan
Entry: Nebula
Design Team: Colin Pan
Country: China

2. SunTruck Gabor Magyari
Entry: SunTruck
Design Team: Gabor Magyari
Country: Hungary

3. FREM FR 1 David Roger Frem
Entry: FREM FR 1
Design Team: Designer –
David Roger Frem
Team Name –
Riad Sakr
Country: Lebanon

4. Metro Cell Vehicle Eric Seung-Hun Beak
Entry: Metro Cell Vehicle
Design Team: Eric Seunghun Beak
Country: USA

5. Crosswind Haishan Deng
Entry: Crosswind
Design Team: Haishan Deng
Country: China

6. Concept SsS Zsolt Tarnok
Entry: Concept SsS
Design Team: Zsolt Tarnok
Country: Hungary

7. SOFT Private Vehicle Raquel Aparicio
Entry: SOFT Private Vehicle
Design Team: Raquel Aparicio Lopez
Country: Spain

8. Packard Fernando Gomez
Entry: Packard
Design Team: Fernando Gomez
Country: Uruguay

9. Phoenix David Goncalves & Niels Iversen
Entry: Phoenix
Design Team: David Goncalves &
Niels Iversen
Country: United Kingdom

10. Volvo Concept Nouphone John Bansasine
Entry: Volvo Concept
Design Team: Nouphone John Bansasine

11. Acura Concept Leon Dario Paz
Entry: Acura Concept
Design Team: Leon Dario Paz


2D Renderings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. White Vapor Oliver May
Entry: White Vapor
Design Team: Oliver May
Country: Germany

2. Citadel Ian Hedge
Entry: Citadel
Design Team: Ian Hedge
Country: USA

3. STREIDER Pierre Yohanes E. Lubis
Design Team: Pierre Lubis –
Team Leader
Apid Rustandi –
Team Member
M. Rynaldi –
Team Member
Country: Indonesia

4. Transforming Multifunctional Wheels Su-Yang Park & Chang-Hoe Heo
Entry: Transforming Multifunctional Wheels
Design Team: Su-Yang Park &
Chang-Hoe Heo
Country: South Korea

5. Route David Eburah
Entry: Route
Design Team: David Eburah
Country: United Kingdom

6. H car Thomas Pastor
Entry: H car
Design Team: Thomas Pastor
Country: France

7. Flexible Concept Ngoc Lan Huynh
Entry: Flexible Concept
Design Team: Ngoc Lan Huynh
Country: Vietnam

8. T-REX Concept Ngoc Lan Huynh
Entry: T-REX Concept
Design Team: Ngoc Lan Huynh
Country: Vietnam

9. Rebel Alex Protsenko
Entry: Rebel
Design Team: Alex Protsenko
Country: USA

10. Gone with Wind Eunjeong Cho & Ji Hun Lee
Entry: Gone with wind
Design Team: Eunjeong Cho & Ji Hun Lee
Country: United Kingdom

11. Bio Top - an Electrical and Fashion Urban Car Luis Pinheiro de Lima
Entry: Bio Top – an electrical and
fashion urban car
Design Team: Luis Pinheiro de Lima
Country: Brazil

12. Circulus Santosh Chawla
Entry: Circulus
Design Team: Santosh Chawla
Country: USA

13. OCE Yongbang Ho
Entry: OCE
Design Team: Yongbang Ho
Country: South Korea

14. Terrena Marcos Ignacio Madia
Entry: Terrena
Design Team: Marcos Ignacio Madia
Country: Argentina

15. Triber (TRIpole + absorBER Kim Jung Hoon & Bu Yong Yu
Entry: Triber (TRIpole + absorBER)
Design Team: Kim Jung Hoon –
Concept and Design
Bu Yong Yu –
3D modeling and rendering
Country: South Korea

16. Hurricane Hoyoung Joo
Entry: Hurricane
Design Team: Hoyoung Joo
Jinseok Song
Kyuwon Kim
Country: South Korea

17. Hammerhead Andre Costa
Entry: Hammerhead
Design Team: Andre Costa
Country: Portugal

18. Trans Am Ryszard Szymanski
Entry: Trans Am
Design Team: Ryszard Szymanski
Country: Poland

19. Mutation Jongpil Shin
Entry: Mutation
Design Team: Jongpil Shin
Country: South Korea

20. Mohawk MCV (Multi-Configuration Vehicle Robert Marvin
Entry: Mohawk MCV (Multi-configuration vehicle)
Design Team: Robert Marvin
Country: USA

21. Dream Green Car Ramil Suliyev
Entry: Dream Green Car
Design Team: Ramil Suliyev
Country: Turkey

22. Drakkar Tomasz Biel
Entry: Drakkar
Design Team: Tomasz Biel
Country: Poland

23. LEVI Alekseev Andrey
Entry: LEVI
Design Team: Alekseev Andrey
Country: Russia

24. Stretch Jeremy Richards
Entry: Stretch
Design Team: Jeremy Richards
Country: Canada