2012: City 2046

The 2012 Michelin Challenge Design focused on the issues of urban transportation needs, which need to meet global concerns for safety and efficiency while still offering the essential ingredients of automotive design:  beauty, elegance and innovation. Designers were asked to address the needs of one of six cities, selected for the variety of cultures and infrastructure challenges each faces: Paris, Cairo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro or Los Angeles.

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1. Nyx Elizabeth Pinder
Entry: Nyx
Design Team: Elizabeth Pinder
Country: United Kingdom

2. Snake Liwen He
Entry: Snake
Design Team: Liwen He
Country: China

3. Neuron Ian Kettle
Entry: Neuron
Design Team: Ian Kettle
Country: United Kingdom

4. Volkswagen Beach Rescue Rio De Janeiro Sebastian Toddenroth
Entry: Volkswagen Beach Rescue Rio De Janeiro
Design Team: Sebastian Toddenroth
Country: Germany

5. Jeep Unlimited Geeho Cha
Entry: Jeep Unlimited
Design Team: Geeho Cha
Country: United States

6. CALI Peixin Li
Entry: CALI
Design Team: Peixin Li
Country: China

7. X2 Yeon-Woo Seong
Entry: X2
Design Team: Yeon-Woo Seong
Country: South Korea

8. eSTEAM Maximilian Mandl
Entry: eSTEAM
Design Team: Maximilian MandlUlisse TanziniSlavche Tanevski
Country: Germany

9. Shanghai Sphere 2046 Oliver May
Entry: Shanghai Sphere 2046
Design Team: Oliver May
Country: Germany

10. EVO Fabien Pace
Entry: EVO
Design Team: Fabien Pace
Armand Herve
Magomed Oumalaev
Anatole Vaillant
Country: France

11. STACK Tejas Purohit
Entry: STACK
Design Team: Tejas Purohit
Kunal Kulkarni
Divyanshu Mittal
Rushikesh Galande
Amruta Ghosalkar
Nischint Gavate
Country: India

12. Icehicle Kyu Han Choi
Entry: Icehicle
Design Team: Kyu Han Choi
Country: United Kingdom

13. 2046 Personal Commuter in Paris Daisuke Iguchi
Entry: 2046 Personal commuter in Paris
Design Team: Daisuke Iguchi
Country: Japan

14. H2P Xin Zhechen
Entry: H2P
Design Team: Xin Zhechen
Country: China

15. INTERTANDEM Zhang Mingyang
Design Team: Zhang Mingyang & Xin Zhechen
Country: China

16. RThropod Lucas Lopez
Entry: RThropod
Design Team: Lucas Lopez
Country: Argentina

17. Jeweline Thierry Dumaine
Entry: Jeweline
Design Team: Thierry Dumaine
Country: France

18. JEEVA sanskrit for LIVING ORGANISM Mayank Bhandari
Entry: JEEVA sanskrit forLIVING ORGANISM
Design Team: Mayank Bhandari (Team Leader)Abuzar ModiVijaysena ReddyAdhiraj Singh Rathore (Digital designer)Akshay KhopkarPratik DeshmukhKrishna Rajanya MangalampalliRohit Choudary
Country: India

19. Four Walled Car Kayvan Naderi
Entry: Four Walled Car
Design Team: Kayvan Naderi
Country: Iran

20. Taihoo Concept 2046 Hao Huang
Entry: Taihoo Concept 2046
Design Team: Hao Huang
Country: China

21. BMW Pario 30 Harvey Rabenjamina
Entry: BMW Pario 30
Design Team: Harvey Rabenjamina
Country: France

22. Smart Ball Mu Cong
Entry: Smart Ball
Design Team: Mu Cong, Dai Wei
Country: China

23. Exodus Cristian Polanco
Entry: Exodus
Design Team: Cristian Polanco
Country: Guatemala

24. Carioca Nicolas Cabrera
Entry: Carioca
Design Team: Nicolas Cabrera
Country: Argentina

25. ECLIPSE Narayan Subramaniam
Design Team: Narayan Subramaniam
Country: India

26. Soleil Emre Gurel
Entry: Soleil
Design Team: Emre GurelCaghan Engin Cesmeci
Country: Turkey

27. KONEWHEEL Ebru Guzelderen
Design Team: Ebru GuzelderenBaris Cengiz
Country: Turkey