2013: Half

For the 2013 Michelin Challenge Design, participants were asked to develop exciting and passionate designs that employed innovative vehicle architecture solutions for weight reduction, without compromising safety or comfort.

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1. eLink Top Three Winner:  Jorge Biosca
Entry: eLink
Design Team: Jorge Biosca
Country: Spain

2. PolyPlus Top Three Winner: Song Wei Teo
Entry: PolyPlus
Design Team: Song Wei Teo
Country: Singapore

3. Dolphin Top Three Winner: Shun Liu
Entry: Dolphin
Design Team: Shun Liu
Country: China

4. SOMA Takashi Nishimura
Entry: SOMA
Design Team: Takashi Nishimura
Country: Japan

5. Citroen DS BiRotor Jose Eduardo Sanchez
Entry: Citroen DS BiRotor
Design Team: Jose Eduardo Sanchez
Country: Mexico

6. Helios Lucas Lopez
Entry: Helios
Design Team: Lucas Lopez
Country: Argentina

7. Vibe Vruttant Phatak
Entry: Vibe
Design Team: Vruttant Phatak
Country: India

8. Chitin Concept Marcell Sebestyen
Entry: Chitin Concept
Design Team: Marcell Sebestyen
Country: Hungary

9. bemoove Andrea Filogonio
Entry: bemoove
Design Team: Andrea Filogonio
Country: Italy

10. Air Car XiaoQuan Qian
Entry: Air Car
Design Team: XiaoQuan Qian
Country: China

11. Exploder II Cristian Polanco
Entry: Exploder II
Design Team: Cristian Polanco
Country: Guatemala

12. smart one4all Schley & Michaelis
Entry: smart one4all
Design Team: Antonis Schley
Sven Michaelis
Country: Germany

13. XLeaf Wei & Luyao
Entry: XLeaf
Design Team: Guo Wei
Zhu Luyao
Country: China

14. carDboard Thierry Dumaine
Entry: carDboard
Design Team: Thierry Dumaine
Country: France

15. EV XO Jeremy Helle
Entry: EV XO
Design Team: Jeremy Helle
Country: United States