2016: Mobility for All

For the 2016 Michelin Challenge Design, participants were tasked to design vehicles that look to provide “Mobility for All.” The challenge is to design a personal, family or commercial vehicle that provides simple, functional and affordable mobility to an underserved area in Southeast Asia, Central America, Central Africa or another identified area.

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1st Place Winner:
1. Rajshekhar Dass and Team
Entry: Google Community Vehicle
Design Team: Rajshekhar Dass, Abu Huraira Shaikh, Sunny Duseja, Joji Isaac
Country: India

2nd Place Winner:
2. Edgar Andres Sarmiento Garcia
Entry: Arriero
Design Team: Edgar Andres Sarmiento Garcia
Country: Colombia

3rd Place Winner:
3. WooSung Lee & ChanYeop Jeong 
Entry: Bamboo Recumbent
Design Team: WooSung Lee & ChanYeop Jeong
Country: South Korea

Additional winners of the 2015 Michelin Challenge Design are (in alphabetical order):

4. Nathan Allen
Entry: Stator Scooter
Design Team: Nathan Allen
Country: United States

5. M.Y. Alief Samboro & Agri Bisono
Entry: LOGon
Design Team: M.Y. Alief Samboro & Agri Bisono
Country: Indonesia

6. Sergio Botero
Entry: Capicua
Design Team: Sergio Botero
Country: Colombia

7. Nicholas Lee Dunderdale
Entry: Panda
Design Team: Nicholas Lee Dunderdale
Country: England

8. Ryan Ebbers
Entry: DMine
Design Team: Ryan Ebbers
Country: Canada

9. Mike Lai, Joe Wu & Johnny Li
Entry: M-Clinic
Design Team: Mike Lai, Joe Wu & Johnny Li
Country: Taiwan

10. Hung-Ju Lee
Entry: Loxodon
Design Team: Hung-Ju Lee
Country: Taiwan

11. Conner Macfarlane & Collin Lafayette
Entry: URRU
Design Team: Conner Macfarlane & Collin Lafayette
Country: United States

12. Armando Mercado
Entry: Tire Assembly is Required
Design Team: Armando Mercado
Country: Mexico

13. Marin Myftiu & Hussain Almossawi
Entry: Huracan City Rover
Design Team: Marin Myftiu, Hussain Almossawi, Huracan Motors
Countries: Tirana, Albania; Manama, Bahrain; and Venice, Italy, (respectively)

14. Arkadiusz Stoklosa, Michal Maciukiewicz & Thomasz Kwolek
Entry: Volkswagen Monsoon
Design Team: Arkadiusz Stoklosa, Michal Maciukiewicz & Thomasz Kwolek
Country: Poland