2017: Le Mans 2030

For the 2017 Michelin Challenge Design, participants were invited to create a breakthrough race car to win the Le Mans 24 Hours in the year 2030. Entrants were encouraged to utilize future-looking technologies, innovations, and pioneering problem solving skills to design a car that reinforces the premium brand image of a company that is either famous for its historical successes, or ready to elevate its brand through a Le Mans 24 Hours win. “Le Mans 2030. Design for the Win'”

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1st Place Winner:
1. Tao Ni
Entry: Infiniti Le Mans 2030
Design Team: Tao Ni
Country: China

2nd Place Winner:
2. Daniel Bacelar Pereira
Entry: Bentley 9 Plus Michelin Battery Slick
Design Team: Daniel Bacelar Pereira
Country: Portugal

3rd Place Winner:
3. Kurt Scanlan
Entry: Bamboo Recumbent
Design Team: Cierzo C1
Country: Canada


4. Vruttant S. Phatak
Entry: Neuraura
Design Team: Vruttant S. Phatak
Country: India

5. Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho
Entry: Embraer P1 Phenom Hybrid with Michelin Tire Wings
Design Team: Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho
Country: Brazil

6. David Voltner
Entry: Citroen C030 LMP1
Design Team: David Voltner
Country: Czech Republic

7. Mehdi Alamdari & Vahid Shahvirdi
Entry: Audi R28
Design Team: Mehdi Alamdari & Vahid Shahvirdi
Country: Australia

8. Guilherme Kataoka, Luiz Ortega & Marcelo Toledo
Entry: Bentley Speed X
Design Team: Guilherme Kataoka, Luiz Ortega & Marcelo Toledo
Country: Brazil

9. Vladislav Semenov & Maria Ryadno
Entry: Bugatti Wimille
Design Team: Vladislav Semenov & Maria Ryadno
Country: Russia

10. Josh Gadomski
Entry: Hydracross
Design Team: Josh Gadomski
Country: Canada

Honorable Mention:

11. Miguel Ferreira Rodrigues
Entry: NEO
Design Team: Miguel Ferreira Rodrigues
Country: Portugal

12. Andhika Dimas Dwiputra & Freksa Arista Ihsan
Entry: Audi Ayrus
Design Team: Andhika Dimas Dwiputra & Freksa Arista Ihsan
Country: Indonesia

13. Samuel Marquez Arango
Entry: Bugatti Benoist
Design Team: Samuel Marquez Arango
Countries: Italy

14. Martin Chatelier
Entry: MercedesBenz DTW Design to Win
Design Team: Martin Chatelier
Country: France

15. Po-Sen Huang & Po-Yuan Huang
Entry: TOKON
Design Team: Po-Sen Huang & Po-Yuan Huang
Country: Taiwan

16. Nicolas Francisco Loyola
Entry: Faraday Future Singularity
Design Team: Nicolas Francisco Loyola
Country: Italy

17. Jeroen Claus & Fabian Brees
Entry: Tesla LMPE
Design Team: Jeroen Claus & Fabian Brees
Country: Belgium

18. Emre M. Yazici
Entry: Appleone
Design Team: Emre M. Yazici
Country: Turkey

19. Chirayu Shinde
Entry: Renault Sunrun
Design Team: Chirayu Shinde
Country: India

20. Minwoo Jeon & Donghun Nam
Entry: ConverT
Design Team: Minwoo Jeon & Donghun Nam
Country: South Korea