2018: Mobility/Utility/Flexibility

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1st Place Winner:
1. Josh Sandrock
Entry: Volkswagen Type 10 Pick Up
Design Team: Josh Sandrock
Country: San Diego, California, USA
 School:  Art Center College of Design

2nd Place Winner:
2. Daniel Yee (Lead Designer)
Entry: Michelin ToolBOX Pick Up
Design Team: Daniel Yee (Lead Designer) – Cleveland, Ohio USA
Paul Olvera (Key Designer) – Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Marcus Hamilton (Visual Designer) – Columbus, Ohio USA
T.J. Ciancialo (Visual Designer) – Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Claire Keys Pytlik (Copy Director) – Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Country: USA
Schools: CIA, DAAP, CCAD and NYU

3rd Place Winner:
3. Vinod Pakalapati, Surya Konijeti
Entry: X Pick
Design Team: Vinod Pakalapati, Surya Konijeti
Country: Pune, India


4. Benoit Aubertin & Antoine Alaurent
Entry: Woodcutter Climber
Design Team: Benoit Aubertin, Ciboure, France
Antoine Alaurent, Saucats, France
Country: France

5. Hawon Jang
Entry: Mini Square
Design Team: Hawon Jang
Country: Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
School: Hanyang University (ERICA Campus)

6. Wojciech Jurkowski
Entry: Renault Subtil
Design Team: Wojciech Jurkowski
Country: Cracow, Poland

7. Yixing Liao & Team
Entry: UFORCE 16
Design Team: Yixing Liao, Wei Wang, Hangbin Xu,
Kang Zeng, Daiqi Fan, Jiali Han
Country: Hangzhou, China

8. Alfred Munkenbeck
Entry: Sherpa
Design Team: Alfred Munkenbeck
Country: London, United Kingdom
School: Coventry University

9. Thomas Weger
Entry: MSW Pick Up
Design Team: Thomas Weger
Country: Edgerton, Wisconsin, USA
School: University of Wisconsin – Stout

Honorable Mention:

10. Mattia Brunelli, Luigi Marrocu
Entry: Mini Sandman
Design Team: Mattia Brunelli, Luigi Marrocu
Country: Rome, Italy
School: University of La Sapienza di Roma

11. Mo Mingqi & Xu Ying – Hengshui
Entry: Gemini
Design Team: Mo Mingqi, Guilin, Guangxi, China
Xu Ying – Hengshui, Hebei Province, China
Country: China
School: Wuhan University of Technology

12. Brian Hernan Isabella
Design Team: Brian Hernan Isabella
Country: Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina
School: Universidad Nacional de Lanus

13. Mohammed Ismail
Entry: SAM Self Assembling Module
Design Team: Mohammed Ismail
Country: Mandya, Karnataka, India
School: Mantra Academy

14. Dr. Hussein Ali Al Jammazi
Entry: NAMLA
Design Team: Dr. Hussein Ali Al Jammazi
Country: Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia

15. Fernando Machado
Entry: Liger
Design Team: Fernando Machado
Country: Curitiba, Brazil
School: University Tuitui of Parana

16. Seunghee Seo
Entry: Moving Farm
Design Team: Seunghee Seo
Country: Daegu, South Korea
School: Yeungnam University

17. Jiachen Zhu
Entry: FoldEx Urban Logistic Pick Up
Design Team: Jiachen Zhu
Country: Wuhan, China
School: Coventry University

It has been brought to our attention that the “Oasis” design submitted by Li Pengliang and Sun Hongyang, which was recognized as a finalist in our release of November 9th, 2017 was in fact not the work of the named entrants, but rather included significant design elements from another designer. As a result, we have immediately removed this design from our list of finalists and our competition galleries.

We apologize for any confusion and express our gratitude to those who have brought this to our attention.