AC-SAR by Made Arya Satria Dewangga

2020: Upcycle


Made Arya Satria Dewangga

Denpasar, Indonesia

Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology


People have been spread to all continents in the world. Every continent has countries with unique terrain types. Because of that, people keep exploring the undiscovered place, but they often lost, injured, and need immediate help. Countries with diverse terrain types may have the car to use in a specific terrain but it sometimes not effective. AC-SAR is a universal all-terrain search and rescue (SAR) car intended for a country with diverse terrain types.

I decided to repurpose Audi ConverT ( by Jeon Min Woo and Nam Dong Hoon ) chassis including the uni-ball magazine technology into the AC-SAR because it can change tires quickly to fit into different terrain. This is suitable for the design goal. Therefore, we just need one type of SAR car in a country with diverse terrain. But, every country should match its uni-ball wheel type according to the terrain in their country, so they wouldn’t get useless wheel types.

AC-SAR gives enhanced societal value where the main function of this repurposed design is to search and rescue lost and/or injured people during their expedition. This also gives enhanced economic value because a country with diverse terrain is no longer need a specific type of car, they only need one type of SAR vehicle to operate in their country. Because we need to pay attention to the environmental issue, AC-SAR has a technology when the car tires change, they will return into the uni-ball form so they can reuse it on another occasion until the tires are broken.


Made Arya Satria Dewangga, 20, is an Industrial Design Student at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. He has been interested in drawing/sketching cars since he was a child because of video games, after many years drawing the existing cars to get the feel of the car shape, he wanted to get further and started to learn car design. MCD 2020 was his first automotive design competition, and currently building up his portfolio for future opportunities in an automotive design world.