FarGo by YoungJae Kim, Dinesh Raman

2020: Upcycle


YoungJae Kim, Dinesh Raman

Korea, Republic of South Korea

Royal College of Art


FarGo is an upcycled power-assist bicycle for the Southeast Asian region, where small-scale mobility vehicles like bicycles and motorcycles are widely used. Countries like Vietnam and Cambodia have merchants that sell local commodities every day. FarGo aims to help the local economy by introducing affordable, accessible mobility solution which helps scale local business.

The G-Force Concept and MBOLIC concept each represent the types of vehicles that are prominent in this region. Being a popular tourist destination, the idea anticipates that recreational vehicles such as G-Force concept will be popular and lightweight mobility such as MBOLIC will be more popular among the region as an autonomous electric mobility solution for urban areas. FarGo utilizes these two types of vehicles for the upcycled mobility.

A lot of merchants who spend the entire day on bicycles have a hard time with heavy loads. They also suffer from the lack of cargo space on the conventional bike. FarGo aims to solve this issue by supplying sustainable power-assisted bicycle that can bear heavy loads and are easy to operate. As the growth of Electric movement will continue, FarGo uses the repurposed electric motor and batteries from the second-hand electric vehicles to power lower-speed transportations. It also uses parts from bicycles, which are highly used throughout the region.

The electric motor on the front will help the propulsion of the vehicle when it bears heavy load, and will be able to recharge when it is not used. The wide cargo space on the front helps people to carry big loads efficiently and safely. The cargo bay and the extra body panels that are used to reform and cover the vehicle will be derived from the recycled plastic from the original concepts. These features will help the locals to easily afford FarGo. By supplying more affordable and efficient mobility to the local community, it will improve the local economy.


 YoungJae Kim is an Automotive design student from Seoul, South Korea, now pursuing MA Intelligent Mobility at the Royal College of Art, London. Previously completing BA Industrial design at Sejong University in Korea, he is pursuing to seek creative forms that could envision what future mobility would look like.

Dinesh Raman is a designer from India, with over 4 years of experience in the motorcycle design industry. Currently pursuing MA Intelligent Mobility at the Royal College of Art, London.

He aspires to be at the forefront of automotive design where new technologies will help mold a better future.