Gemini by Fred Yan

2020: Upcycle


Fred Yan

Shanghai, China

Weinan Normal University Shanxi


Q:Who is your intended user?

A:My intended user is everyone who loves the electric bike.

Q:What is the challenge that your repurposed design addresses?

A:The challenge of my repurposed design is to minimize the gap between the feasibility and my design philosophy.

Q:Why did you choose your donor entry or entries?

A:I choose Upcycle as my donor entry because Half! is really a great design, which enables me to develop an urban E-bike with sustainable modules based on it.

Q:How does your upcycle design create enhanced societal, environmental, or economic value?

A:Following the concept of sustainable development, Gemini adopts the modular design. This design can greatly improve the life cycle of the product, reduce the number of product components but increase the versatility of each component, so as to save and energy and reduce emission. In addition, replaceable standard components greatly improve the activity of the aftersales market and allow each component to be made the best use of in its limited life. The universal interface on the body of the bike enables connection with other vehicles, significantly improving the sociability of electric vehicles. Friends can lean to each other like sitting in a car and separate when the journey ends. What an interesting and convenient E-bike! >o<


Fred Yan 25 has a degree in Product Design from the Weinan Normal University Shanxi in China.

Fred is a professional designer specializing in transportation design at DUlingtech Shanghai studio.

Previously, he participated in CND China (2014-2016) and Michelin challenge design (2017), but unfortunately he hasn’t won a prizes so far. However, he never gives up but keeps improving himself by reading books and learning about what is happening around the world.

Fred wants to make the world better and he also believes at the bottom of his heart that the world will become better.

This time he comes back with full preparation. The results does not really matter, as he loves design.

“I do this work not for honors, but because I want to be responsible for what I love”, he says.