Greta by Michael Joell Martínez Tenjo, Edgar Andrés Sarmiento

2020: Upcycle


Michael Joell Martínez Tenjo, Edgar Andrés Sarmiento

Bogotá, Colombia

Universidad Nacional de Colombia


GRETA is designed for environmental activists who are concerned about the impact of waste on natural landscapes due to human negligence. User is mobile centered and will use social networks and technology to promote environmental activism, personalize vehicle, route planning, control 3d printing and manage environmental working.

Our challenge is to use raw material on vehicle production in an efficient way, and to give waste material a new life cycle. The generative design structure through computer calculation can create boronoi structures with a balanced of material use and physical resistance. The 3D printed metal structure can be recycled to build other vehicles when its use cycle ends, similar also to 3d printer exterior cases.

The 3D Printer inside the vehicle will print the outer case if it is damaged and it will also be useful for environmentalists to use collected plastic for printing 3D objects. The plastic gathered in environmental working will be crushed to use it as a raw material for 3D printing different types of objects. Finally, rain water collect roof you will have to clean the water from the top and for the user’s consumption by giving a new cycle to the humidity of the environment.

We chose this type of vehicle with a sedan platform but van looking/capacity for environmentalists group of people who organize different activities for the protection of the environment. The open interior of the vehicle can be used as a tent or station for environmental work, it also becomes an habitat to rest at night while camping.

GRETA is an electric and autonomous vehicle for multiple people who work in the environment care. In future there will be web platforms where people will share designs and knowledge open to everyone, and you will be able to print those ideas. 3d personalized vehicles (before product it) will give a big value to the vehicle and also if it has a social and sustainability focus in way its produced. The vehicle is an object that will be seen as a symbol of environment care, its presence will be synonymous of change by showing the responsibility of caring for our planet giving great importance to environmental values. Its open interior and the way is used, promote environment grouping/social activities.


Michael Joell Martínez, is an Industrial design student at the National University of Colombia, with great interest in sustainable mobility and prospective and speculative design. In addition to design, one of his passions is illustration and drawing.

Edgar Andrés Sarmiento, is an Colombian-Italian-Brazilian product and car designer with more than 40 design contests participation all around the world, being 8 finalist and 16 design awards. Today is a freelance designer. He is the Olli’s designer, an electric mini bus, one of most famous vehicles in autonomous sector.