Hyperpod by Pratyush Wasule

2020: Upcycle


Pratyush Wasule

Torino, Italy


When the design brief was announced, the intended user became quite clear. For this project, the user is a deep sea diver who turned into an entrepreneur. He is an environmentalist and is the CEO of his company which aims at cleaning the oceans and making sustainable products from the waste material dumped in the ocean.

Nowadays, roads are packed with vehicles and it is difficult to reach the destination on time. In order to solve this problem, the wheels on the concept are totally removed and are replaced with “rails” like in a “Maglev train”. The structure is closed by windows made from “recycled glass” for security. The dashboard and seats are made of “recycled wine corks”

I chose this donor entry because the structure of the entry was suitable for imagining a better future mobility solution.

The Upcycle design is environmentally friendly because of zero emissions and the use of recyclable materials. The design is more economical and uses recyclable materials. And the best part would be the elimination of a driver.


I completed my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in from India. My passion for design took me to Turin, Italy to study Master in Transportation Design. Now I am in the second year of the Master at IED, Turin. I learnt a lot in the first year and I tried to apply the best of my knowledge for this project. I hope that after completing the second year, I would be able to improve my role as a designer and build a better future with the acquired skills.