Infiniti Origami by Ailin Yu, Shen Yayuan

2020: Upcycle


Yayuan Shen
Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, China
Chongqing, China

Ailin Yu
Chongqing University
Chongqing, China


Our design focuses on Shanghai in 2050 and is designed for office workers in high-rise buildings.

The development of society has brought about a series of environmental problems. For glass buildings in cities, light pollution problems are very common. At the same time, with the development of the manufacturing industry, many industrial products become waste products after use, which causes pollution. Of people face the danger of too much information at any time, which will make people more and more personal problems.

We aim to solve these problems by designing to give vehicles a second life. Robert Crick uses the concept of folding and embodies personal freedom by expressing the identity of creation. We want to redesign the vehicle to give it a new identity, which makes it perfectly integrated into the cities of the future.

Inspired by the concept of origami, combining the vehicle with origami makes the vehicle have a larger direct light receiving area after folding. It absorbs solar energy through a photovoltaic system on the surface, and the converted electrical energy can provide vehicle driving power. At the same time, vehicles adsorbed outside the building can also protect windows from dazzling sunlight and spying eyes, which effectively reduces light pollution. We have fully considered the flexible design, which can be put into use by establishing a setting on the outer wall of the existing high-rise building. At the same time, it can reduce reduce sunlight-generated heat in the building by at least 50% and probably help with the air conditioning bill as well!


Yayuan Shen was born in Shanghai, China in 1996. He is currently majoring in product design at the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. His main interest in the design field is to improve people’s lives. His focus is on solving the pain points of life and combining design and art.

He has a wide range of hobbies. Cars and painting are his two main hobbies. He likes to draw sketches. He thinks that simple lines highlight various forms is a wonderful thing. The soft curves of the vehicle also fascinated him.

Ailin Yu, a junior from Chongqing University, majors in industrial design. She has a strong interest in how to combine design and technology such as big data to solve problems in life.