Michelin Moving Space by Mango Chen

2020: Upcycle


Mango Chen

Nanjing, China


In the near future, due to the high population density and limited land resources, the concept of GREAT City- high density vertical city will come true in metropolis, like New York, Shanghai…

People who live in high-rise flats will hardly have their private cars for expensive parking space, especially youth couple.

How to offer a cheap car without expensive parking fee?

As the WAYMO-FLOW designer said, Flow is a combination of platform and capsule. The sharing platform can offer user cheap power modul, and youth couple only need to buy a private space modul. But the capsule- space modul needs to be placed at somewhere. However, the parking fee is very expensive in GREAT City.

If the private space modul can be a part of our house, we will never pay for parking.

  1. When we want to have a trip, we just need to book a sharing power modul with our phone.
  2. Then, our private space modul placed in a BOX will be lifted down from our high-rise flats to the ground by crane.
  3. Next the private space modul and the sharing power modul will be assembled together. And, we can enjoy our trip in the car.


Mango Chen is an industrial designer, he very likes transportation design and insists that design can make the world better.