MULTI – POD OFFICE by Sunghyun Hong

2020: Upcycle


Sunghyun Hong

Seoul, Korea, Republic of South Korea

Hanyang University, Erica campus


This KIA MULTI-POD vehicle is designed for commuting office workers who need autonomous taxi service.

BOT concept is a vehicle, which is the most plausible concept for the future as an autonomous vehicle as future will become a sharing community. It worth to be upcycled. BOT concept is mainly for commuting people that can act as an autonomous taxi. However, it lacks of personal space for some commuters who needs personal space while commuting. Nowadays quite a lot of people wants their personal time to be respected as most of their time is being used on working. The personal time and spaces are becoming more valuable. So sharing mobility needs personal space and public space at the same time. That’s why I added a personal office pod to the interior of the BOT.

I designed a personal pod by using a useless telephone booths. Telephone booth is useless nowadays since most of the people are using smart phones. So, most of the countries are trying to find out the ways how they could wisely use those telephone booths. The way I found out is to make that telephone booth as a personal office and combine it into the future mobility such as BOT concept. By upcycling telephone booths, there would be no needs to invest money on getting rid of telephone booths. This may effect economic and environmental value positively. Also, by doing so, those people who were against the sharing mobility for the reason that it lacks of personal space would be willing to use sharing mobility.

To conclude, this mobility is designed by upcycling the concept BOT and is mainly divided into two spaces, one is for public usage and the other one is for personal usage. Public usage pod is consisted of a package of 1seater seat and 2seater seat combined into one. Which would enable commuters to have a conversation and can act as an office at the same time. Also, Personal pod is added for commuters who wants to be set apart from sharing space. This MULTI- POD OFFICE vehicle can meet the needs of people who wants personal space and public space at the same time.


My name is Sung-hyun Hong and I was born in South Korea, Seoul in 1996.

After having two years of military service in the U.S army I was discharged in August 2019. I am sophomore in Hanyang university as a industrial design student. Even though our school doesn’t offer the transportation design curriculum that I need, I desperately want to become a car designer. So, I am keep working on sketching, photoshop rendering and 3dmodeling with my peers. We are doing whatever we can on our current position and keep trying to challenge on design competition. I hope I can get a great result from this Michelin design challenge for my future career since participating the competition is the only way I can learn more about car design.

Nowadays I am looking for an internship and planning on applying Pforzheim university for masters degree after the graduation.

I always try to keep in mind that design is to increase the value of objects in various ways. I hope I can become a car designer who is able to give a meaning on the future mobility.