ReFramer by Siavash Jafari Jozani

2020: Upcycle


Siavash Jafari Jozani

San Francisco, USA


Framer’s iconic design features an aerodynamically efficient egg-shaped cabin suspended from two lightweight oval frames. This key characteristic provides excellent opportunities to repurpose Framer at the end of its lifespan.

In the Upcycling scenario, the cabin is used to make low-cost rescue drones, and the frame will become a platform for building open-source Extreme Sports Vehicles. The seats and interior components will be recycled.

Fifteen years have passed since the creation of Framer. Therefore, to update the aesthetics of the design, the original concept was restyled while remaining loyal to the essential characteristics and functions of the original idea.

The restyled version is then presented for Michelin Design Upcycle Challenge.

Extreme Sports ReFramed:

ReFramer is a blank canvas for nature enthusiasts and extreme sports athletes to take the adventure of exploring the earth to the next level.

New cars are too precious to be exposed to risks of off-road trips, and extreme driving, therefore, many extreme sports athletes and nomads modify used cars to their needs. These cars are limited to the characteristics of regular vehicles, and fail to create new experiences. ReFramer, however, with a set of specially designed accessories, will transform the ultimate lightweight frame into an Extreme Sports Vehicle, versatile to serve the imagination. Either it is carrying a boat, launching a hang glider, sleeping in a tent, or simply enjoying an extreme terrain.

While interior parts are bulky, expensive, and difficult to maintain, ReFramer uses the levitation of Aerial Silk Dance to simulate the exciting ride of a Superbike and is controlled by any type of gaming gear available.

How ReFramer creates an Open-Source Vehicle:

ReFramer is the creative platform for building a unique experience and enjoying one’s creation. The lightweight frame and lack of under structures enable the user to transform their vehicle and overcome the unexpected, or even create the unexpected.

The essentials for this transformation create a market for new add-ons and accessories and therefore generate economic value.

Low-cost Rescue Drone:

Climate change has affected the future of human life and all other livings with wildfires, hurricanes, the outbreak of viruses, and droughts. Low cost, easy to build drones, can significantly benefit us by carrying medical and humanitarian aid, water, or food to remote areas.

The aerodynamic form, built-in fuel-cell power generator, light weight, and durable structure makes Framer’s egg-shaped cabin an excellent donor for building low-cost drones.

Imagine the challenges of shipping out COVID-19 vaccines to 7.7 billion people, notably to remote villages of Africa.

The core concept of this Upcycle project:

Electric motors are more durable and require minimal maintenance compared to internal combustion engines, and this will affect the life span of future vehicles.

While the powertrain is still in good condition, the interior components start to fall apart, and the entire vehicle becomes undesirable.

The ReFramer project aims to upcycle the durable parts and recycle the interior components and seat. The frame, electric motors, wheels, power generator, and the cabin shell will be repurposed.

Original Framer runs on fuel-cell power. These generators are located in the cabin shell and will power the electric drone propellers. The ReFramer vehicle will be equipped with lighter battery packs inside the front and back panels.


Siavash is a Designer based in San Francisco with a great passion for creating the future of mobility.

As a child, he curiously observed cars and made scale models of them out of cardboard. He later transformed his childhood dream of making cars into a creative profession by studying design at college.

Having his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and experiencing the professional environment since 2012, he has practiced design in all terms of research and observation tools, creative problem-solving methods, concept generation, and concept evaluation. Siavash has achieved outstanding accomplishments in the field of Transportation Design, including the Finalist of 2019 Michelin Challenge Design, Overall-Winner title of the CDN Interior Motives Awards 2012, and Most Innovative Design title of the Launch Forth Mobility Design Challenge 2018.

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