Volkswagen MUT. E by Dayvid Almeida

2020: Upcycle


Dayvid Almeida


Federal University of Pernambuco – UFPE


The Volkswagen MUT. E was designed with the purpose of integrating the means of mobility of the future in the urban structure of smart cities.

In 2035, the new generation of young people (20-30 years old) will tend to have a more conscious view of the impact of means of transport that pollute, preferring to try alternative and sustainable means that do not harm the environment so much.

The challenge addressed was to try to recreate the mobility network of the city through a means of transport that could, in addition to transporting people, be reused in urban occupation. As nature is rich in practical examples of problem solving, one of the primary factors for achieving results is found in the biomimicry approach, studying the octopus’ intelligent behavior to take advantage of its locomotion and survival mechanisms in the development of the Volkswagen MUT.E.

The choice of entries is due to the fact that they address biomimetics in an intelligent and sustainable way as an inspiration for solving problems, urban intervention as a means of interaction and transport under aerial trails as an agile and effective means of locomotion.

Through the VW MUT. E And, smart cities can create an efficient transport mechanism that reduces congestion and reuses the means of transport that could be stationed in objects of urban occupation throughout cities. In this way, people could have a better quality of life by not living in a polluted space and being more aware of the reuse of means of mobility.


Dayvid Almeida- Graduated in Product Design at Federal University of Pernambuco.