Clean Slate: The Mobile Hygienic Solution by Benjamin Smith

Clean Slate: The Mobile Hygienic Solution


Benjamin Smith

New Jersey, USA

Michael Graves College of Design
Kean University


In America we have public service vehicles to help keep our cities clean but what about the cleanliness of our population? Clean Slate is the mobile hygienic solution. The target group we aim to benefit is the homeless population that sleep in the streets. The issue is that there is limited access to sanitation for this population, without facing danger. Clean Slate navigates the city and parks in a safe location that supplies crowds of the less fortunate with shower access and/or a package with supplies that allows for hygiene longevity. Our service aims to help the homeless combat physical discomfort , infection, and disease. Our main focus is to help decrease the mental discomfort that comes with having little access to sanitation for lack of hygiene. This commonly causes these individuals to be isolated from social interaction. Clean slate supplies a safe system for both immediate and long lasting sanitation!


This solo project was created by Benjamin Tripp Smith:
I am a 3rd year industrial design student studying at the Micheal Graves College of Design at Kean University with a minor in Sustainability Science. My two favorite aspects of design
are illustrating and story telling. I believe that in order to attract people to. a product or service there must be a compelling story behind your vision’s motive. I aim to design for the
future. That means that being environmentally conscious is of utmost concern.