Clothing Delivery Vehicles for People with Musculoskeletal Problems by Ivan Galin

Clothing Delivery Vehicles for People with Musculoskeletal Problems


Ivan Galin

Russian Federation

Stieglitz Academy


Modern cities are constantly growing and developing. There are new ideas, technologies, hobbies, and professions. Why a person with disabilities can not benefit society. What if the range of their occupations and professions becomes wider?

My idea is a vehicle for the delivery of clothing designed for people with problems with the musculoskeletal system. Fashion is one of the main things that connect people and the whole world. Delivery is constant communication, communication with people. A person with musculoskeletal problems can benefit society by doing interesting things. The vehicle consists of 2 modules. The first one is for the pilot and the second one is for the product. Movement is carried out using magnetic levitation (maglev). The product capsule contains 12 levitating cases with the product (jacket, sneakers, etc.).The capsule for the pilot has a steering wheel and a dashboard with everything you need. And a person’s personal seat becomes the driver’s seat when boarding the vehicle. This solves the problem of moving from one chair to another. The interior can be designed for an ordinary wheelchair, for a wheelchair with a magnetic cushion, and for an ordinary pilot or a person with an exoskeleton.

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I am a 3rd-year student at Stieglitz Academy. My name is Vanya and I’m sick of design) This is my life’s work and every day I learn something new and do something new. Sincerely, Ivan Galin.