Dystrophic Diseases Project by Cédric Rouvroy

Dystrophic Diseases Project


Cédric Rouvroy (Transportation Designer), Alex Luke (Transportation Designer), Henri Oeschlin (Transportation Designer), Antoine Fornies (UX Designer)

France & India


Today mobility is a key point in life and the Movin’on contest challenges us to bring a fair solution to give everybody access to mobility around the world with the value of respect that everybody deserves, especially disabled people. So, we decided to work around disability to provide those people independency and mobility freedom. Most of disabled people we interviewed struggle sometimes in the outside, going far from their home by themselves and we use the autonomous technology in a vehicle to avoid the need of driving capabilities. Imagine this person being able to pick up a friend or a colleague whenever he wants instead of being dependant from others to move. Our vision is to reverse the social dependence, we would like to completely end isolation and enhance respect for everybody.

Added to this vehicle, a watch application is used as a pack for medical aftercare and the control of the vehicle. The goal is to offer a simple watch screen for users with muscular weaknesses. Moreover, the nomadic aspect ensures better security to disabled people and they can easily contact emergency help if needed. The vehicle is a 3-seater, using more space for the disabled people, facing 2 comfortable seats enhancing social interactions during the travel. Having huge windows makes the interior a very pleasant area to live in and the big door gives easy access to the vehicle so users can enter by themselves even in a wheelchair. The bigger seat is perfectly adapted to most of disabilities, when the user arrives where he needs, he can use this seat which is an electric wheelchair that becomes an extension of the vehicle when he needs to leave it. This seat is large and comfy and can plug inside the vehicle and work as an adjustable soft seat during travels.

We really believe that this whole experience, considering the vehicle, the wheelchair, and the app, will end isolation and break the barriers that disabled people are facing in their mobility. It provides freedom and autonomy to a higher level, bringing equality between disabled people and others.


Hi! I’m Cédric, I’m 25yo and I live near LILLE in France.
I’m really interesting by new vision of mobility and by motorcycle design.