TeaChair by Hui-Ying Hsu



Hui-Ying Hsu, Chen Xiang-Yun, Shih-Hsuan Chiu

Taipei, Taiwan


TeaChair is a tea plantation work wheelchair meets the needs of tea plantations, at least one time of harvesting and pruning and three times of fertilizing per year. It can be equipped with the necessary machinery for old tea farmers, allowing them to work and move in the correct sitting posture and protecting them from the occupational injuries caused by bending over to pick tea for a long time, carrying heavy tea baskets and fertilizing bags, and lifting harvesting machinery. The height and angle of TeaChair seat can be adjusted according to the slope of the tea plantation and the height of the tea farmer to enhance safety and comfort for the old tea farmer at work.

The seat surface of TeaChair and the mounted basket are made from recycled tea branches pruned and discarded in the original tea plantation after roller compaction and processing. The outer skin of the tires is made from tea branches refined into elastic material, which reduces the pollution caused to the land by the traditional tire skin when the tire is worn out.


Hui-Ying Hsu (Lead Designer)
Chen Xiang-Yun (Market Research, Human Factors Research)
Shih-Hsuan Chiu (Mechanism Design, Appearance Discussion)
Prof. Kai-Chu Li (Thematic Guidance)