Tube – Shuttle for Athletes of the Paralympic Summer Games 2028 in LA by Dragan Mamic

Tube – Shuttle for Athletes of the Paralympic Summer Games 2028 in LA


Dragan Mamic


Pforzheim University


This project I dedicated to a good friend of mine.

He has been in a wheelchair since the beginning of his life. Despite his handicap and the fact that due to this fate many everyday things that we take for granted partially or even massively limit him, he is full of life energy and radiates a positive aura. Moreover, he is a great friend of sports. He is especially fascinated by the Paralympic Games.

It inspires him to see what sporting achievements people with similar fates can accomplish. At the same time, he admires the advanced technologies that give people back their mobility through artificial prostheses and implants.

However, the mobility of athletes, their teams and equipment from the Paralympic Village to the respective sports venues is a problem of barrier-free transport. The fate of my friend, as well as the obvious mobility problem made me work on a solution:

An autonomous shuttle for athletes of the Paralympic Games 2028 in Los Angeles.

My friend never wanted to be treated as the handicapped boy next door. He wants to be an integral part of society. And that despite his handicap. And he is not the only one who feels this way. This dilemma, not wanting to be an, special treatment” and yet being one, is too much for many people.

The TUBE takes up and eliminates this dilemma. It unites instead of divides. It is not a shuttle exclusively for handicapped people but a shuttle which is designed handicapped accessible. It does not radiate the sad image of an unspectacular and bulky transport for disabled people, but it is an innovative companion with an edgy coolness that takes everyone along on the journey. Whether with handicap or not. Old or young.

This shuttle embodies team spirit. All get inside and outside together at the same time. Whether athletes, coaches or the medical crew. This is made possible by the TUBE’s well thought-out portal-space concept without any physical barrier and without any help from seconds.

Through digitalization and progress in the field of autonomous driving, people with disabilities will enable easier access to mobility in the near future. As an autonomous shuttle, this is the solution for independence, flexibility and spontaneity at any time and any space. The TUBE is an all-rounder that solves these social and subjective emotional problems as a non-sentient object.

It radiates team play and creates respect for everyone.


B.A. Transportation Design Pforzheim University
Graduated Summer 2020