UX-Urban Sharing Experience by Sebastian Weigand

UX-Urban Sharing Experience


Sebastian Weigand


Pforzheim University


UX is an autonomous vehicle concept that is created for the mobility needs of an urban society. A shape transformation allows it to be both, a convenient ride as well as an attractive place to rest while being parking. An easy access into the car literally breaks down barriers, especially for people with physical limitations. It brings the ride-hailing experience to the next level while considering the most vulnerable members of our society. UX furthermore offers mobility as an on-demand service and can therefore reduce the expenses for its users – sharing is caring!

The actual price of today’s car ownership, beneath monetary costs, illustrates the benefits of UX clearly: On the one hand, private cars in western countries are only used 5% of their time while they stay parked an unused 95%. On the other hand, many cities are lacking urban space to realize sites that offer citizens to engage social life. UX is a convenient tool with the power to transform urban spaces from “parking-wasteland” into colourful places of encounter and community! Ultimately, the body transformation of the vehicle breaks the boundaries of its interior and the environment. Despite its small area footprint, the vehicle offers a lot of room for great experiences.


I am a 25 years old Transportation Design Graduate from Pforzheim University who had the chance to spend several months in Tokyo as well as in Shanghai. Living in these Asian metropoles has not only changed my understanding of culture, it has also deeply influenced my perception of mobility and transportation.

I am working as a freelance Designer at the moment, which allows me to engage in a variety of projects in Industrial Design and as a CAD modeller for Contemporary Art sculptures.