Volvo Atrium by Jung Taek Cho

Volvo Atrium


Jung Taek Cho

Republic of South Korea

Hankyong National Univeristy


Volvo Atrium is for those whom feel uncomfortable of the attention they usually get daily, due to the extraordinary conditions the users have.

So, the Volvo Atrium wanted to provide “barriers that breaks barriers”. Not knowing who’s inside the vehicle, pedestrians and drivers have no idea who is using the vehicle. And that gives outside obstacles fair image of the users of the Volvo Atrium.

The Volvo Atrium’s users will comfortably maneuver city by not caring about the attentions of the outside ornaments and easily and comfortably reach to the destination.


Born in December 1998, Seoul, South Korea, Car design enthusiast for long time. Former student of Department of Graphic Design at Hankyong National University, and also former 2019 Michelin Challenge Design finalist. Will enter Department of Transportation Design IED Torino autumn 2021.