Tramo by Stefan Perriard



Stefan Perriard


The Royal Danish Academy

Tramo is a mobility service for the future car-free city. London is planning to reduce cars from the inner city, making the future city for people, not cars.

Tramo explores how to offer “less-intrusive” mobility when lowering cars and reimaging the streets as habitable, walkable, and bike-friendly areas.

Tramo connects the inner car-free city by traveling autonomously at walking speed via the main pedestrianized roads and bridges the gap between public transportation junctions.

Tramo welcomes you to “hop on/off” as you like. A flexible solution with no need for stations, like a moving sidewalk.

Tramo is meant to help trips that are too long to walk, but too short to use another mean of transportation. Thereby broadening the freedom of mobility to everyone in a car-free space. Its universal seating layout accommodates different sizes and offers an easy entry/exit to “hop on” as you go.

Tramo looks at British woodworking traditions to propose a wooden construction that reflects the sustainable city of tomorrow. Showing (slow) transportation does not have to a metal box.

I breathe design because I believe creative thinking is a key skill to create smarter and more sustainable solutions.

My name is Stefan Perriard. I am a Danish designer at The Royal Danish Academy – Design.
I am captivated by what design can be. I often emerge my projects with architecture, science, and multidisciplinary collaborations. Together, I think design is my universe where everything is possible.
My approach to design is to welcome new challenges, learning about new technologies, meeting people and their matters and give form to stories. In order to design for more complex situations, I believe that there is a need for multidisciplinary collaborations to accommodate the entire picture.