AGORA–Delivering Culture by Víctor Fernández, Damián Mora, María Mora, Fabiana Pando and Pau Verdú

AGORA–Delivering Culture


Víctor Fernández, Damián Mora, María Mora, Fabiana Pando and Pau Verdú




In order to carry out an innovative project, our journey began by looking for delivery of goods or services that broke with the current trend of delivery services. Our goal would be to diversify this concept of delivery limited to the realm of essential goods, and to expand this concept to other frontiers. Based on this, those products or services that are not accessible to all places were evaluated and it was decided to investigate about culture, a crucial realm in society and to which not all people have access. In a future where more and more people work from home, the access to activities related to culture, leisure and entertainment need to be diversified. Although the trend towards digitization promotes access to culture from homes, digital media should not replace next the unique experience in face-to-face spaces of culture and entertainment.

“Everyone has the right to freely take part in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to participate in scientific progress and the benefits that result from it”


Damián Mora, industrial design engineer and product development, specialized in modeling, rendering, and 3D animation. It designs environmentally consistent pieces, with special
attention to detail.

Pau Verdú, product engineer and photographer. The possibility of merging two disciplines, such as design and photography, has allowed it to be fed on a continuous inspiration and has given it the tools necessary to develop a perspective different from all around us.

Fabiana Pando, industrial design engineer, she specializes in project management for user-oriented products. Her main goal is that all the projects and methodologies that carries out are focused on the user, accessibility and the principles of universal design.

Víctor Fernández, industrial and graphic designer. He aspires to work as a freelancer in transport design and graphic design for both the world of motorsport and branding. He likes to travel in order to get to know new cultures, using it as means of inspiration.

María Mora, graphic designer based in Barcelona. She specializes in editorial design, visual identity and brand communication. She creates solid and consistent graphic pieces, lovingly designed with dedication and a special care for details.