RR:Alpha–Sheik Imthiyas Ahamed



Sheik Imthiyas Ahamed


M.Des. Transportation Design, MIT Institute of Design


From the total population in India 65.07% is reported as the rural population in 2020. 78 million, or 15.6% of all domestic migrants, moved from rural to urban areas according to the census of 2011. This huge migration has many reasons but one of the major reasons is inadequate supplies of essential goods and services for necessities, education, and treatment.

Limited access to transportation is hampering the development of rural. The challenge addressed was trying to connect rural to urban through a transportation solution so that supplies can be delivered anywhere and everywhere efficiently.

RR. Alpha is a vision to bridge between rural and urban to fulfil the rural requirements. An automobile that solves transportation difficulty in rural. Gyro mechanism of di wheel of RR. Alpha protects goods inside the capsule. The zorbing ball is an adventure activity that is made up of sturdy PVC and its making process is very feasible and the contraction wheel mechanism helps attain multi-terrain. Combining di wheel and zorbing ball can create a better solution which is both feasible and functional which will make daily commute possible to deliver basic needs of rural lifestyle.

This solution can deliver a large number of goods of different terrain simultaneously. Many Indian rural face flood situations in periodic time RR. Alpha being amphibious, will help to deliver supplies in flood condition as well.


Sheik Imthiyas Ahamed-M.Des 2nd year Student-MIT Institute of Design, Pune, Maharashtra, India.