The Challenge for 2023

We have received your entries for the 23rd annual Challenge Design: Balancing Sustainability. Winners will be announced in June. Read more to learn about our Challenge.

Design a disruptive mobility solution that balances the three recognized pillars of Sustainability: PEOPLE, PROFIT and PLANET

Thanks to your continued support and the participation of the global creative community, Movin’On Challenge Design, inspired by Michelin, is celebrating its 23rd year. Challenge Design is proud to be a featured program of the Movin’On Summit, the world’s foremost gathering for sustainable mobility.

Sustainability, a key driver in the acceleration of mobility transformation, is balanced on the pillars of people, profit, and planet, but many initiatives focus on just one or two pillars. The future movement of people requires creating solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders and ensuring feasibility for implementation. Designers and creatives are uniquely positioned to recognize and present solutions that benefit stakeholders of all three pillars.

The 2023 Movin’On Challenge Design task is to design a disruptive mobility solution that balances the three recognized pillars of sustainability—People, Profit and Planet.

Your design should be a vivid example of safe and efficient mobility that meets the end user expectations and supports a viable business model for movement of people in an environmentally friendly manner.

Your 2023 design solution to this challenge will include the following elements:

  1. Identify the specific urban or suburban area in which your solution will be deployed. Show how the solution can address the interplay between urban and suburban environments in terms of universal application.
  2. Describe the primary purpose of the solution. Consider land, maritime and aviation domains.
  3. Show how each pillar of sustainability is reflected in the design.
  4. Provide a visual representation of your solution (such as digital sketches, graphics, images, renderings, animation or video) showing your design process.

Some references to keep in mind:

  • Disruptive means having the potential to improve in an exponential way.
  • A sustainable mobility solution is one that exhibits the attributes of safety, efficiency, accessibility and is environmentally friendly.

We invite artists, designers, engineers, architects, city planners and creatives worldwide to enter either in teams or individually.

The competition is now open for entries and will close February 28, 2023. Entries are judged by a prestigious international jury, including heads of advanced design for major mobility organizations. Winners will be recognized during the 2023 Movin’On Summit in June..

You can learn more about Movin’On here.